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EIN: 87-2371610

Toilet Paper (we typically use 3-4 rolls a day)      Paper Towels       Baby Wipes        Pee Pads

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid       Newspaper       13 Gallon Trash Bags        ZipLock Bags (ALL SIZES)

Bleach     Free & Clear Detergent     Oxy-Clean Powder Stain Remover (used for new ferret supplies)

Horse Pine Pellets (for the litter boxes)          Small Glass or Ceramic Bowls (for food & water)        Clorox Wipes

Grizzly Salmon Oil       Plain Litter Boxes          Litter Box Scoops

Towels or Beach Towels       Blankets or Old Sheets

Pet Carriers (any size)      Pet Cages or Enclosures         Plastic Shower Curtain Rings      

Standard White Printer Paper (8.5” x 11”)     Yellow Highlighters

Cage/Enclosure Bowls, Trays, Hammocks, Tunnels, Corner Toilets & more)

Marshall’s Ferret Food         ZuPreem Premium Ferret Food          Wysong Ferret Food

Ferret Food Storage Containers, Bins or Organizing Bin with Drawers

Toys (cat toys, squeaky toys, small stuffed animals, cardboard tubes 3” or more”, gutter tubing (corrugated), baby toys & more) 🧸🧚🏼‍♀️🧶🧤🧢🎾

Miscellaneous Articles of CLEAN Clothing (long socks, ball cap, bright colored belts or scarves, kids soft gloves, old ponytail scrunchies & small baby shoes) 🥿🧢🧣🥿🧤🧦🕶

REMEMBER:  the average ferret weight 1.5 - 4.4 pounds, which means they can not carry heavy items. Most toddler shoes are too large or heavy, so we recommend baby shoes or house slippers, soft - not hard, bright colors…)


Because this rescue is funded 100% on donations and volunteers, there is a limited financial resource available for the everyday items.  What may seem small to you is HUGE to a rescue.  Sometimes, others are unable to financially help but they may donate in other ways, such as old towels, sheets, small stuffed animals, etc.  Below are a few items Fuzzy Ferret Rescue is ALWAYS in need of.

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